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Newsletter Editor:
Jim Bronowski
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Safety Officer:
Larry Roberts
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Oscar Weingart
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                              RIVERSIDE RADIO CONTROL CLUB


                                                              Welcome to Our Web Site

The Riverside RC Club (RRCC) has about 70 members from the Inland Empire area of Southern California, roughly 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Our flying field is near Perris, south of Riverside.

We welcome all RC modelers and other interested people to explore our website, to join our club and to visit our field. Our members' interests encompass most areas of RC aircraft modeling, including Sport, Scale, Pattern, IMAC, Helicopters, Jets, Gliders, Electrics and Float-flying.


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NOTICE - (From Jim Bronowski)  - Vandalism at our Field

Club Members,
We are continuing to have vandalism problems at our field and it seems to be late on Monday nights.  This last Monday someone observed at least six cars at the field with a big fire going on the runway.  There was more damage to the runway with this fire just like the last ones.  Larry Roberts has notified the police and they have come out twice to survey the damage.  If you happen to observe activity at our field at night, especially a fire, do not!, I repeat, do not! go to the field.  Notify the police, or better yet, the fire department (if there is a fire).  Larry is working very hard with local authorities to try and get a handle on this situation.

Notice to Club Members -

At the Club Meeting on April 19, 2014, it was decided to take some measures to increase membership and stimulate public interest in RRCC and its activities. A committee will be formed at the next meeting on May 17th, 2014, to consider various ideas for achieving these goals and to make recommendations to the club membership. Those with ideas to consider, or interested in joining the committee, should contact Oscar Weingart at weingart1@earthlink.net.

Some ideas discussed at the meeting included:

(1)    An Open House, or Air Show, with food service, at the field, with trainers available to allow the public to fly a RC model.

(2)    Posters and flyers to be distributed to local hobby shops.

(3)    Establishing relationships with local schools.

(4)    Articles and event listings in local newspapers.


Notice - UCR Engineering Autonomous UAV Project
 Our Club has been approached by a group of Engineering students from the University of California, Riverside, (UCR), for assistance with a competition to be held in early June at the U.S. Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, MD. The Competition is sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), Seafarer Chapter. 
http://www.auvsi-seafarer.org/documents/2014Documents/2014_AUVSI_SUAS_Rules_Rev_1.0_FINAL_13_1024_1.pdf for the rules for the competition (Click Here) or (Click Here) for a News release. forThe tasks for the competition involve autonomous flight of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, (UAV), in a scenario simulating a forest fire.
UCR has selected an electric-powered Senior Telemaster RC model as their UAV.
UCR has asked for assistance from the club in evaluating the UAV for airworthiness, and in training their safety pilots to fly it under RC control. At the March 15 club meeting, a motion was made and passed to furnish such help, and the use of our field, but not with the UAV flying autonomously, as long as the pilots are AMA members, and the UAV meets all applicable AMA/FAA/FCC/RRCC rules for such UAVs.
Training began on Saturday, April 5th, at our field in Perris. UCR team leaders Daniel Robles, mechanical engineering, and Russell Perry, electrical engineering, attended, along with Michael Han, UCR safety pilot. Dale Yaney instructed Michael with an Apprentice electric trainer furnished by Larry Roberts. Michael did very well, performing several successful takeoffs and landings during a number of flights.
Oscar Weingart - Webmaster
Below: Dale Yaney instructs UCR Student Michael Han in flying the Apprentice electric trainer.


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