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                              RIVERSIDE RADIO CONTROL CLUB


                                                              Welcome to Our Web Site

The Riverside RC Club (RRCC) has about 70 members from the Inland Empire area of Southern California, roughly 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Our flying field is near Perris, south of Riverside.

We welcome all RC modelers and other interested people to explore our website, to join our club and to visit our field. Our members' interests encompass most areas of RC aircraft modeling, including Sport, Scale, Pattern, IMAC, Helicopters, Jets, Gliders, Electrics and Float-flying.


For a Membership Application - (Click Here)


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NEXT CLUB MEETING, Saturday, June 18 at our field at 10 am.

June 4th .... RRCC Classic Pattern Fly-In at our field

June 11th ... Sparks ove Gilman Springs All Electric Fly-in (Click Here) for Flyer

See the revised overall schedule for more local events. (Click Here) (Courtesy of the Gilman Springs Club.)

(For this schedule and also for Prop Talk, you must have an Adobe PDF Reader (Available Free at http://get.adobe.com/reader/)

Members of the UCR and UCSD UAV Teams with the UCSD UAV Aircraft that they flew at our field on May 1st


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NOTICE:  rrcccontact@yahoo.com 
This email is active and working. This will be the single point of communication for all transactions with the club. This email will be monitored and responded to by
officers of the club. The reason for this is to more effectively handle the communication for the club.

Notice to Club Members -

At the Club Meeting on April 19, 2014, it was decided to take some measures to increase membership and stimulate public interest in RRCC and its activities. A committee will be formed at the next meeting on May 17th, 2014, to consider various ideas for achieving these goals and to make recommendations to the club membership. Those with ideas to consider, or interested in joining the committee, should contact Oscar Weingart at rrcccontact@yahoo.com.

Some ideas discussed at the meeting included:

(1)    An Open House, or Air Show, with food service, at the field, with trainers available to allow the public to fly a RC model.

(2)    Posters and flyers to be distributed to local hobby shops.

(3)    Establishing relationships with local schools.

(4)    Articles and event listings in local newspapers.


As of Today, about 2 years later, no suggestions have been received, but it occured to your webmaster that our activities with

 the UCR UAS Team might get us some publicity. Also, AMA has a program of cash awards to clubs that get publicity. It is also

 possible that we may be eligible for AMA Leader Club status. - Oscar





Note: The Latest Prop Talk is out - May, 2016 (Click Here)

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